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Spin 2 Win

Let "Lady Luck" decide whether your customers win, lose or try again on the spin of a wheel!  Our premium Spin 2 Win wheel is an ideal way to determine who receives a prize at your event or promotion and what that prize actually is. No matter what you want to give away - special offers, discounts, cinema tickets, holidays etc - it's simple to label each of the 14 colourful segments on the wheel and change or remove prizes as your event progresses.

Offering ample branding opportunities, Spin 2 Win is an classic promotional tool and, complete with a carpeted plinth and LED lighting as part of the package, will create a little drama and a lot of fun at your next event. Who knows, the chance to spin the wheel and win a deal may just get that next sale across the line!

Crystal Vault

Capture the attention of your customers with "guaranteed to win" low cost prizes of your choice which might include cash, discount vouchers, special offers and much more. Lock your prize inside the perspex safe programmed with your own unique code and challenge onlookers to crack the code.

Providing an excellent focal point for your promotion the Crystal Vault encourages footfall and customer engagement.

Standing nearly 2 metres tall and crafted from acrylic and steel the Crystal Vault is an impressive centrepiece for your promotion and enables you to guarantee a winner by the end of your event giving potential customers or clients an experience they'll remember.

The Cyclone


The Cyclone is quite simply exceptional. As a corporate event and party

game it is the ultimate way to attract attention and engage people in any

scenario or setting. Made and designed here in the UK the quality of the

Cyclone is apparent from the structure of the framework through to the

attention to detail that our design team give to your branding. Whether

you want your Cyclone for 6 hours or 6 months we can arrange that for

you and whatever you want it for we think you'll love it - you can't buy fun

but you can hire a Cyclone!

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